Tooth Extraction

Although our goal is to preserve your healthy, beautiful, natural smile for as long as possible, there may come a time when tooth extraction is the best option to save your smile. If a tooth is too damaged to restore, too infected to save, too crooked to straighten, or too impacted to remain, then your dentist may recommend extraction to prevent continuing damage to surrounding teeth and oral tissues. In many cases, we may discuss your options for replacing the tooth with a dental prosthesis to restore your smile before proceeding with the extraction.

Advantages of Tooth Extraction

If tooth extraction is recommended, then you should not hesitate; otherwise, your condition may grow worse and lead to the need for more extensive restorative treatment. In most cases, the advantages of undergoing tooth extraction can include:

  • Relief from severe tooth pain (particularly with impacted wisdom teeth)
  • Eliminating threats of damage to nearby teeth and oral tissues
  • Replacing the tooth with a new, lifelike dental prosthesis

If tooth extraction becomes a necessity, rest assured that your smile is in good hands; our experts will walk you through what to expect and help you determine the best option for replacing your tooth and preserving your long-term oral health. Schedule a visit today by calling our Spring, TX, dentist’s office near you.