Does Your Smile Need Professional Teeth Whitening?

Does Your Smile Need Professional Teeth Whitening?Are you tired of shying away from selfies with friends, because of insecurity related to your smile? Tired of feeling self-conscious when speaking with coworkers, or even vying for a promotion, because you worry that people will fixate on the deep discoloration of your teeth? Professional teeth whitening through a cosmetic dentist is a fast and effective way to address most staining and discoloration, helping to reveal dramatically brighter smiles. So, if you are ready to start feeling proud of your pearly whites, it’s time to consider how professional whitening could help!

Have You Been Unhappy with Over-the-Counter Products?

While many people turn to over-the-counter options, when they want to lighten their teeth, very few of the products you can find on drugstore shelves are able to create the same kind of dramatic results that professional whitening consistently can. That’s because only professional whitening uses prescription grade products, which have been chosen because of how they can safely and effectively break up surface stains. In fact, mot patients enjoy smiles lightened between five and eight shades when they choose professional whitening treatment.

Can You Benefit from Cosmetic Treatment

If you have other aesthetic concerns about your smile, for instance inconsistencies in the size or shape of some or even several of your teeth, cosmetic treatment can also help address those. Cosmetic bonding and porcelain veneers are just two effective ways to hide many tooth-related problems, helping to bring out your smile’s natural beauty. Plus, they both rely on durable materials that can last for many years with proper care, allowing you to smile confidently.

Ready to Lighten Your Teeth?

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