Try These Smile-Healthy Meal Ideas In Honor of National Nutrition Month

Try These Smile-Healthy Meal Ideas In Honor of National Nutrition MonthMarch might be best known for the need to wear green on Saint Patrick’s Day, and also as the welcome start of the spring season. But March has also been named National Nutrition Month, an initiative to help Americans eat healthier. Many people don’t realize that a healthy diet can help protect one’s smile, as well as one’s waistline. So if you want to enjoy a cavity-free and beautiful smile, be mindful of what you eat and drink this month, and beyond.

Try This Instead of That

While a smoothie or flavored yogurt might seem like a healthy snack, many are high in added sugars, which can be bad for your teeth’s enamel. Eventually too much sugar can contribute to cavity development and even gum disease. If you want to protect your smile, eat a healthy diet and keep up a diligent daily hygiene routine. Regular dental cleanings are also important.

So instead of sweetened yogurts, why not try a plain and protein-rich yogurt, and add in fresh fruit for a hint of sweetness without the added sugar. Fruit tends to be high in water content, which the smile needs. Plus, the act of chewing actually helps the body create saliva, which naturally defends against plaque buildup.

For added flavor, crunch, protein, and healthy fat throw in some chopped nuts instead of granola, which is often sweetened with cavity-causing sugar or honey.

If you are used to reaching for a sports drink before or after a workout, you might be shocked to realize how much added sugar many contain. Not only can this counteract the calories you just burned, it can be bad news for your dental health, as well.

Water is always the best beverage choice. That said, you can do your smile and waistline a favor by opting for non-sweetened alternatives to sports or energy drinks. Green tea is packed with nutrients, relatively low in acidity and not as staining as other teas. Just avoid sweeteners, which can then make it bad for the smile. You could also add flavor to your water by adding herbs, fruits or even vegetables. Cucumber and mint are great additions, for instance. Just keep in mind that acidity can be bad for the teeth’s enamel, so you should avoid adding citrus to your water.

Combine a Healthy Diet with Regular Dental Cleanings

While diet is important, routine checkups and cleaning are also essential to protecting the smile. You can schedule their your appointment with Stephens and Gatewood Dentistry in Spring, TX, today, by calling 281-320-2000.