Reasons to Straighten Crooked Teeth

Your smile plays a major role in your everyday life, and its appearance can have a direct impact on your self-confidence. Therefore, if you have crooked teeth, then your main concern may be to improve their appearance. Yet the prospect of wearing noticeable metal braces may seem contradictory to improving your confidence, and many people therefore neglect to receive the treatment they need. The truth, though, is that there are several reasons to straighten crooked teeth beyond their appearance, and if left untreated, your self-confidence may not be the only thing at risk.

Straighter teeth are easier to clean.

Brushing and flossing your teeth every day is vital to keeping them clean and free of plaque, which contains hundreds of harmful oral bacteria. However, when teeth are crooked, you may find it more difficult to effectively brush and floss every surface of your teeth. Misaligned teeth create hiding spaces that are difficult or impossible for your toothbrush and floss to reach. They can therefore increase your risks of issues that are caused by oral bacteria, like tooth decay and gum disease.

Straighter teeth make your bite work better.

When you open and close your bite, your jaw moves on two large joints, called temporomandibular joints (or TMJs). To operate properly, your bite must be even; however, if your teeth are not properly aligned, then your jaw muscles and joints will have to compensate every time you bite down. Straightening crooked teeth improves your bite’s function and reduces your risks of related issues such as bruxism and TMJ disorder.

Learn More About Straightening Crooked Teeth

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