Keep Your Smile Squeaky Clean This Spring!

Keep Your Smile Super Clean this SpringSpring is just around the corner now, and that means showers and flowers, St. Patrick’s parades and Easter baskets, are likely a part of your near future. What about spring cleaning, though? Do you love to give your home a good scrubbing when the weather warms up each spring? If so, spring could also serve as a great reminder to give your smile the care it needs to stay squeaky clean. Fortunately, combining a few healthy habits at-home, with professional dental cleanings, is all it takes for most patients to protect their smiles!

Are You Flossing Regularly?

Most adults brush their teeth twice a day, as recommended by their dentist, yet very few commit to flossing each day. Sadly, this would be similar to showering each day, but only washing 2/3 of the body.

Over time, this can lead to issues related to chronic bad breath, and the increasing possibility of developing cavities, as well. To better protect the teeth, it is important to both brush and floss each day.

Limit Your Sugar Intake

Another great way to protect your smile from enamel erosion and gum irritation is to limit how much sugar you consume on a regular basis. While sugar, like most things, may be fine in moderation, the more you consume the more likely you are to struggle with both cavities and gum disease. That is because the bacteria in the mouth feed on sugars.

If you care about protecting your smile, it is best to limit your daily sugar intake.

Don’t Skip Dental Cleanings

Of course, no amount of dental hygiene or a healthy diet is a substitute for regular professional dental cleanings. Routine preventive checkups and cleanings help to protect a smile, by removing tartar buildup promptly, and identifying potential problems early on, when minimally invasive treatment could still help. Most dentist recommend patients have their teeth professionally cleaned at least twice a year, to prevent cavities and other common oral health threats.