Is Your Smile Screaming for Dental Restoration?

Smile Need Restorative Dentistry?When you bite into a delicious ice cream cone, lately, do you want to scream? Is it not due to glee, but because of downright dental pain? What about when you take a sip of piping hot coffee? Instead of kick starting your day, does it make you wince in discomfort? Many people ignore heightened tooth sensitivity, thinking it is normal, and therefore no cause for concern. Unfortunately, ignoring sensitivity could lead to worsening pain, and eventually infection. Recognizing the warning signs of dental problems and getting treatment quickly when your smile is in need of restoration is the best way to protect your teeth, and your comfort!

What Are the Warning Signs of Dental Damage?

Heightened or sudden sensitivity is actually just one common warning sign of dental damage. Discoloration is another indicator that the enamel may have been eroded. While dark lines or patches along the crevices of teeth are common, white patches on the surface of teeth can also be indication of enamel erosion.

When you notice changes in your smile, it is best to schedule a dental appointment, particularly if you are already overdue for a checkup.

How Can Restorative Treatment Help You?

Dental restoration is often the best way to protect the smile from worsening discomfort, as well as to prevent the possibility of infection. Perhaps best of all, modern dental restorations can be made to feel comfortable and look natural.

Tooth-colored fillings are a great way to address many cavities, while dental crowns are often recommended for protecting teeth made fragile by wear, such as chips or cracks.