Is It Time to Complete Your Smile?

Complete Your Smile After Tooth LossDid you recently lose a tooth, or have one extracted? If so, you might be feeling a wide variety of emotions, from frustration to embarrassment. Adult tooth loss can be a frightening experience. It also creates a host of questions and uncertainties. “Will I be able to chew effectively again? Will I ever smile proudly again?” You likely already know that dental prostheses make it possible to complete a smile after tooth loss. But learning about the types of prostheses now available, and how each could help your smile, can help you and your restorative dentist determine which is right for you!

Enjoy a Completed Smile with a Modern Prostheses

Completing the smile after tooth loss serves more than just a cosmetic purpose, though the appearance of your smile might be at the forefront of your mind. Completing the smile can also help to improve the smile’s function, which is important for a patient to maintain proper nutrition.

Completing the smile also helps to prevent misalignment of remaining teeth, as well. Without a dental prostheses it can be difficult to preserve teeth’s remaining alignment, because those closest to the created gap will likely try to shift to fill it. A prostheses helps to prevent that from happening, allowing for more comfortable resting of the teeth.

While dentures remain a popular choice in prosthetic dentistry, many patients prefer the added stability that dental bridges and dental implants offer. Both bridges and implants help to create added security, particularly when chewing.

Dental bridges can also be completed quickly, allowing you to rebound from tooth loss with great results, fast.