How Do I Know What Dental Prostheses Is Right for Me?

What Prostheses Is Right for You?Are you suffering from tooth loss, or the insecurity that comes from an incomplete smile? Have you spent week or months wondering if your smile will ever function the same, now that you have lost a tooth? Modern dental prosthetics make it possible to rebound from tooth loss with beautiful and comfortable results. From partial dentures to dental implants, there are a number of treatment options to suit most every budget and every smile. If you are wondering which option is right for you, it’s time to discuss the many modern prostheses that are available with your restorative dentist. That way you can start smiling proudly again.

Are You Unhappy with an Existing Denture

For patients hoping to address tooth loss for the first time, or those unhappy with an existing prostheses, it is important to explore all the prosthetic options that are currently available. Though unsupported dentures are common, many patients find that they can shift during chewing, causing insecurity or even discomfort. Dental bridges and dental implants offer more secure alternatives, which are great options for many patients.

How Are Dental Bridges and Dental Implants Different?

Dental bridges are used to help complete a smile, by affixing dental crowns to remaining teeth in order to stabilize a replacement tooth or even a partial denture. Bridges can be completed quickly, and crafted to look natural, yet most patients find them more secure than unsupported dentures.

Dental implants take longer to complete, because they require oral surgery to place a mimic tooth root into the jawline. That said, they provide added security because of the mimic root, which holds a replacement tooth firmly in place.