How Do I Know If My Smile Needs Restorative Treatment?

Does Your Smile Need Restorative Dentistry?Do you pride yourself on knowing a lot about a lot of things, but feel completely lost when it comes to dental restorations? You’re not alone. Most people spend more time searching out movie casts and obscure music lyrics than they do learning about modern dental techniques and treatments. That is, of course, until they find themselves in need of a restoration. Fortunately, if you do discover that your smile needs treatment, you might just be pleasantly surprised about the beautiful and effective ways a dentist could help yourestore your smile

Are You Suffering from Discomfort?

One of the most common warning signs of dental problems, including cavities, is heightened sensitivity or dental discomfort, particularly when the problem seems isolated to a single tooth.

In the case of cavities, tooth-colored dental fillings might besufficient for restoring the tooth. However, if the decay has caused much of the tooth to become exposed, the dentist might recommend a crown, instead, since it offers even more stable protection. Dental crowns just happen to be one of the most versatile and beautiful of the modern treatments options, which is why dentists frequently recommend them for treating a host of issues, from chips and cracks, to progressed cavities.

Did You Suffer an Injury?

Another important thing to understand about teeth, is that while they are strong, they cannot repair themselves. This means that over time, dental issues are only likely to worsen, that is without restorative action.

This is why anytime you are involved in an accident involving your smile, it is best to schedule an appointment with your general dentist. While damage can sometimes be visible or produce symptoms like discomfort, sometimes intrinsic damage is only detected, and therefore treated, by first having a dental x-ray completed.