How Can You Protect Your Teeth’s Enamel?

Protect Your Teeth's EnamelEver wonder what you could and should be doing to protect your teeth’s precious enamel? Your enamel is actually the strongest substance in your body. That said, it is still porous, and susceptible to erosion. It also lacks the ability to heal itself the way the skin and some other organs can, making it that much more important to care for your enamel. If you want to enjoy prolonged oral health, much less your beautiful pearly whites, preventive dental care is essential. Fortunately, there are lots of simple ways you can help care for your smile.

Avoid Acidic Foods and Beverages or Drink with a Straw

Drinking water regularly is actually an essential way to protect the smile from acidic tartar buildup. That said, avoiding acidic drinks can also be extremely beneficial. Beverages like soda, some teas and coffee, are often extremely acidic, and since most people sip on drinks slowly, the teeth can be exposed to this acidity for relatively long periods of time.

Skipping the soda, or other beverage, can help to protect your teeth’s enamel. (This is particularly true if you are drinking beverages high in sugar, as well, which contributes to plaque buildup.)

If you are going to drink an acidic or sweet drink, though, try using a straw (if possible). This limits exposure to the teeth’s enamel.

Shine Bright with Healthy, White Tooth Enamel

Brushing and flossing your teeth every single day can also help to keep your smile looking its best. Most people do brush regularly but fail to floss, which can allow for plaque to buildup along the crevices of teeth.

If you want to ace your next dental checkup and cleaning, make flossing a priority!