Does Your Smile Need a Seamless Restoration?

Does Your Smile Need restoration?Did you recently chip or crack a tooth on a piece of ice, or even while chewing on a pencil? Have you been involved in an accident that left one or more of your teeth damaged? Or, do you have an existing dental restoration that is causing you embarrassment or discomfort? If you answered yes to any of these questions, now is a great time to talk to your restorative dentist about the seamless restorative options that are available for helping to improve your smile’s look and your comfort. That way, you could enjoy 2017 with improved confidence, as well as a healthy smile.

Got a Cavity? A Tooth-colored Filling Could Help!

If you are struggling with a cavity, prompt treatment is essential. That is because over time, damaged teeth can become exposed to bacteria, which can lead to painful tooth infections that might eventually require root canal therapy or even extraction.

Avoid this by talking to your dentist about a filling, which helps to seal the tooth from further erosion. With a modern, composite resin tooth filling, you can enjoy improved confidence as well, since the filling will blend nearly seamlessly within your smile.

Need a Crown? Consider Porcelain

If you are suffering from a chipped, cracked or otherwise damaged tooth, a crown might be the ideal form of restoration. Crowns were once made primarily from metal amalgam, but this posed a few problems. First, it was easily spotted, which caused embarrassment for many patients. Secondly, metal conducts a great deal of heat, which meant some people experienced sensitivity or discomfort when trying to enjoy hot foods or drinks.

Porcelain crowns help address both of these issues, by allowing for natural-looking and more comfortable smile restorations, that are still durable and protective.