Did You Lose a Tooth Last Year? A Prostheses Can Help

Complete Your Smile Beautifully with a Modern ProsthesesWas 2016 a rough year for you, because you suffered the loss of one or even several teeth? Does it feel like ages since you were last able to smile confidently or to chew comfortably, due to tooth loss? If so, have you talked to your dentist about the prosthetic options available, which can help to complete the smile both cosmetically and functionally, as well? Modern prostheses are designed to look natural and feel great. So don’t settle where your smile is concerned. Instead talk to your dentist about how a modern prostheses could help.

Dentures Are a Fast Solution

If you are looking for a fast and affordable way to complete your smile, dentures are a great option. They can be made quickly, and then held in place either using the mouth’s own natural curves, or with temporary denture adhesive. Dentures are made to look natural. In fact, they are crafted to match both a patient’s teeth and gums.

That said, some find that the dentures can shift during chewing, causing insecurity or discomfort during mealtimes. For added security, it is often wise to consider a dental bridge or a dental implant.

Bridges and Implants Offer More Stability

Dental bridges help to hold replacement teeth firmly in place utilizing dental crowns, which can be affixed to remaining teeth. By doing so the prostheses stays more firmly in place.

Dental implants make even more secure restorations, though, and that is because they use a post to help mimic a healthy tooth root. This post must be surgically inserted, which makes implants one of the longest options to complete. It also makes it the longest lasting, though. In fact, implant posts are designed to last an entire lifetime.