Did You Know That What You Drink Matters to Your Dental Health?

What You Drink Matters to Your dental HealthDo you love nothing more than your morning coffee break with coworkers? What about a soda in the afternoons, to perk you back up, a protein shake before you hit the gym, or a smoothie or milkshake as a weekend treat? Have you ever stopped to think about what all those beverages could be doing to your dental health, much less your waistline? While many people are concscious of their healthy, or unhealthy eating habits, it seems that many adults are less cautious about the beverages they consume. Over the course of a year this can lead to a lot of calories, consumed, but it can also negatively impact one’s oral health. In fact, in many ways, what you drink can matter even more to your dental health, and the overall look of your smile, than what you eat on a daily basis. So, if you really want to enjoy a healthy and beautiful smile in 2017, it would serve you well to reach for healthy drink options, and to avoid those that could be bad for your dental health!

What Is Harmful to the Smile?

One of the simplest ways to understand why what you drink matters to your oral health, is by learning that the plaque bacteria in the mouth feed on sugar. Since plaque is responsible for unsightly tartar buildup, that also contributes to cavity development and even the progression of gum disease, it can be incredibly beneficial to your oral health, to limit how much sugar you consume.

One of the best ways to do so, is by drinking more water and less sugar!

What Drinks Are Bad for Dental Health?

What beverages are the worst culprits for contributing to cavities and other oral health threats? Sadly, there are actually a lot of beverages that are high in sugar, from obviously sweetened drinks, like sodas, to less obvious ones, like natural fruit juices, smoothies, and even protein shakes and other beverages often considered healthy because they are targeted to athletes.

It’s always best to read labels carefully before making choices. This also means checking the nutrition facts of beverages at your favorites restuaurants, coffee bars, etc.

Try to chooose items low in sugar, keeping in mind that the healthiest choice of all, is always going to be water!