Could Your Smile Be In Trouble? How a Dentist Can Help

Smile In Trouble? A Dentist Could HelpWhen was the last time you saw your preventive dentist? Has it been many months, even years? Do you sometimes worry if your smile could be in trouble, without you even realizing it? Well, every dental issue is different. Not all people experience warning signs or symptoms when they are struggling with dental cavities or other trouble. Still, there are some important things to keep in mind, perhaps most importantly, the fact that the teeth cannot repair themselves in the same way other parts of the body can. So, if you notice an issue, don’t delay restorative treatment.

Are You Suffering from Sensitivity or Pain?

Dental sensitivity is an often-overlooked symptom of tooth damage, because many people think it is normal or will go away on its own, given time. Even discomfort is often ignored, in hopes that the problem will resolve itself.

Unfortunately, this can allow for decay to worsen, and eventually to create an infection or even the need for an extraction.

You can avoid this through preventive checkups and exams, which help dentists detect cavities early on, when minimally invasive treatment like a dental filling should still be effective. Daily hygiene can also reduce your risk of developing cavities, in the first place.

Do Your Gums Bleed? Is Your Breath Always Bad or Your Mouth Always Dry?

Bleeding gums are another common warning of trouble, yet many people overlook this as well. Sadly, when the gums bleed this is indication of gingivitis, which can progress to more advanced stages of gum disease, eventually causing teeth to fall out.

To prevent this, preventive appointments are key, as removal of tartar buildup is the best way top protect the gums. That said, if you do notice your gums appear discolored (dark red or purple instead of light pink), inflamed, or bleed easily, it’s time to schedule a restorative visit. Periodontal therapy may be necessary to restore the smile.