Could You Enjoy a Straighter Smile without Braces?

Enjoy a Straighter Smile without BracesAs a teenager, were you grateful you didn’t have to spend years wearing embarrassing metal braces? When friends got broccoli or popcorn stuck in their braces, were you so relived it wasn’t you? Unfortunately, as an adult do you now find yourself wishing you had worn braces back then, so you wouldn’t be suffering from a misaligned smile? Has the prospect of being the only adult at your place of work wearing noticeable braces been the only thing holding you back from straightening your smile, at last? If so, it’s time to learn how Invisalign treatment could help you straighten your smile, without having to spend years in visible or uncomfortable braces!

Don’t Settle for Traditional Orthodontia

While braces are an effective way to straighten the teeth, there are many common complaints with this typical form of orthodontic treatment. For instance, many patients find the metal brackets uncomfortable, and they can scratch the sensitive gum tissue. They are also highly visible, causing insecurity when smiling during treatment. It is also easy to get food caught in traditional braces, which can prove even more embarrassing. Since the brackets cannot be removed, either, it makes dental hygiene more difficult. In fact, many patients notice staining or discoloration when they have their braces removed.

Enjoy the Many Benefits of Invisalign Treatment

Invisalign treatment through a cosmetic dentist helps to combat many of these common complaints against traditional braces. For instance, the clear trays are not easily spotted, meaning wearers don’t have to feel embarrassed when smiling during treatment. Plus, these trays can easily be removed, allowing for more comfortable meals and snacks, and more effective dental hygiene as well, since the entire surface of the teeth can be brushed.

The trays are also made entirely of a BPA-free plastic, which cannot cut the gums or other soft tissues in the mouth.