Can A Dental Crown Fix My Smile?

Do You Need a Dental Crown?Do you suffer from sensitivity or discomfort when trying to eat? Did you know that these could be due to a potentially serious dental issue? Many people want to overlook sensitivity, hoping it will simply go away on its own, given enough time. Unfortunately, this is likely to lead to worsening dental issues. Teeth are strong, but they lack the ability to repair themselves the way some parts of the body can. So, if you want to improve and even enjoy your smile, without pesky discomfort getting in the way, it’s time to talk to a dentist about how a dental crown or other restorative treatment could help.

How Do Crowns Help Save Damaged Teeth?

Whether your tooth was negatively impacted by a cavity or other decay, injury, or even a chip or crack caused by chewing, in many cases a dental crown makes a great form of restoration.

  • Dental crowns are used to help seal teeth from further wear, while bearing the brunt force created by one’s chewing.
  • In this way, they can limit exposure to food particles and bacteria, helping to prevent infection, as well.
  • Perhaps best of all, modern dental crowns can be crafted from a variety of materials such as porcelain and zirconia, which offer comfort and esthetic benefits when compared to the metal crowns that were once more common.
  • If you want a beautiful and natural-looking restoration, simply talk to your dentist about the benefits of choosing a porcelain or a zirconia crown.
  • Many people don’t’ realize that dental crowns can even be used to complete smiles affected by tooth loss.