Are Your Kids’ Smiles Really Getting Clean?

Are Your Kids' Smiles Need?Do you ever feel like your children’s smile sheriff, having to police their tooth brushing every day, to make sure that they are actually brushing efficiently, and not just wetting their toothbrushes when you’re not looking? Do you ever wonder if their teeth are actually getting clean at all? Being a parent is hard work. Fortunately, ensuring your kids’ smiles get the preventive care they need doesn’t have to feel like punishment, for you. It’s pretty simple, especially with the help of your family’s dentist.

Is the Toothpaste They Pick Working?

You might worry that the toothpastes your kids pick can’t actually be getting their teeth clean. After all, they might smell more like bubblegum or candy than the minty toothpastes you are used to working with.

Fortunately, there are many kid-friendly toothpaste options that actually are designed to be safe and effective for cleaning teeth. Don’t let the “flavors” fool you. The key is simply to choose options that carry the American Dental Association’s seal of approval.

Do They Brush Long Enough?

Of course, toothpaste is only effective if your kids are actually brushing properly. Not sure? Ask their dentist for a proper demonstration at their next checkup or exam. Or, take advantage of the helpful instructional videos online, which teach kids about the importance of brushing, and how to do so effectively.

Most school-aged children should have the dexterity to brush their teeth themselves, especially once they’ve mastered tying their own shoes. That said, a timer can help ensure they are brushing long enough. Two minutes is how long it should take, so either set a timer or choose a song the appropriate length, to play for your kids to signify their start and stop time.