Two Ways Dental Technology Benefits You

Technology continues to move forward, and dental technology is no exception. While there are many times you can benefit from our caring, personal interactions, that doesn’t mean technology takes a back seat. We are always happy to welcome you warmly, and give your questions the individual attention they need. At the same time, there is no doubt that computer enhancements and dental technology give comprehensive diagnostic ability at preventive checkups and other times. Dental technology helps us help you keep your teeth, gums and mouth in top condition.

Digital X-rays

Both conventional X-rays and digital X-rays allow experts to look at jaw, bone and tooth structures underneath the skin. For dental professionals, digital X-rays have several advantages over conventional X-rays. Most important, from a health perspective, they expose you to a much  smaller amount of radiation. They can also be easily stored, and won’t deteriorate over time. We can send and receive digital files when needed for consultation appointments or insurance purposes. The brightness and contrast of digital X-rays can also be fine-tuned to give us the best possible picture of a situation.

Intra-Oral Camera

Our eyes are good, but an intra-oral camera allows us to see around and behind areas it just isn’t possible to view with the eye. With the camera, we can take pictures of hidden areas, and view, save and enlarge the images. Intra-oral cameras also allow us to let you see what’s going on in your mouth. We can help you protect your smile from cavities, by allowing you to see images of places your toothbrush is missing. Some patients appreciate seeing a completed filling or a restored tooth in the back area of their mouth.