Start the New Year with a Smile

Start the New Year with a SmileDo you want to spend 2017 showing off a great smile, but know there are some things that will have to happen in order to make that goal a reality? If you have ended the year with discomfort, discoloration, or any other dental issue that is causing you pain or insecurity, now is the perfect time to commit to taking better care of your smile in the coming year, starting with any steps necessary to restore your oral health, or to improve your smile’s beauty.

Suffering from Sensitivity?

If you have been experiencing increased sensitivity, it could be due to a dental cavity. Cavities are common in children and adults, alike. Fortunately they can often be treated with simple restorations, like dental fillings, which can help to decrease sensitivity and discomfort, while also creating a more beautiful smile, by hiding the discoloration that commonly comes along with cavities.

Want to Address Staining?

Speaking of discoloration, if you are embarrassed by deep staining, professional teeth whitening is often an effective way to lighten the smile, leading to increased confidence when smiling and speaking. Best of all, professional treatment is designed to work quickly and efficiently, often lightening teeth up to eight shade sin a matter of only a few weeks.

Concerned you could be dealing with more extensive problems, either functional or esthetic in nature? Schedule a consultation with your dentist. You might be pleasantly surprised to learn just how efficiently modern restorative dental treatment can help to correct a variety of issues, from helping preserve chipped teeth with natural-looking porcelain crowns, to helping to hide minor spacing problems with an affordable treatment called cosmetic bonding.