Overcome Your Fears with Sedation Dentistry

Overcome Fear with Sedation Dentistry
Have you spent years avoiding the dentist, because of dental anxiety? Do you frequently find yourself wishing that you could overcome your fear, to give your care the smile it needs? Maybe you have been diagnosed with a dental problem, but are afraid the treatment will be uncomfortable? Perhaps you have a medical condition that makes it difficult to sit still for long periods of time. Whatever the reason you have delayed dental treatment in the past, make 2017 the year you overcome your fears. And one excellent way to do so, is to speak with your dentist about how sedation dentistry could help!

Don’t Skip Key Oral Care Because of Dental Anxiety

From routine dental checkups and cleanings, to more extensive restorative measures like root canal therapy, dentists regularly use sedation to help patients cope with their concerns and to ensure comfort during dental procedures.

Whatever issue you are facing, sedation could likely provide a viable option. From oral sedatives that can be taken prior to a visit, to nitrous oxide, which is commonly called laughing gas, many dentists offer a variety of sedation options to help suit each patient’s unique needs. Best of all, most can be administered quickly, are safe for the vast majority of patients, and yet they are still effective at calming fears and creating comfort.

To determine which option could be best suited for your needs, simply schedule a consultation with your dentist.

Enjoy a Healthy Smile without Stress

Keep in mind that your smile relies on preventive care, including routine cleanings to stay healthy and cavity-free. If you are skipping out on key care because of anxiety, make a commitment to move past this fear in 2017. Your smile could greatly benefit, and sedation could help!