Make the Holidays Bright with a Whiter Smile

How to Achieve a Holiday Bright SmileAs you enter this festive holiday season, how are you feeling about the prospect of taking updated family photos, and seeing long lost friends? If you are feeling excited about the time together, but also anxious because of the staining on your teeth, now is the time to see a cosmetic dentist. If you act quickly, you could still enjoy smile enhancements before Christmas day. So, if you want to celebrate the holidays with more than just a smile on your face, talk to your cosmetic dentist about enhancing your smile. That way, you could actually spend this season enjoying renewed confidence, as well!

Tooth Whitening Is Fast, Affordable

Professional teeth bleaching is a fast and affordable option for enhancing the smile, one that can often lighten teeth by close to eight shades, often in two weeks of treatment. That means patients can enjoy noticeable whitening, without waiting months to see results. While there are a number of products in the dental care aisle at grocery stores and pharmacies that claim to lighten teeth, few are able to create the same kind of dramatic results that professional whitening can, and even fewer are able to do so quickly.

So if you know you want to lighten teeth dramatically, in a short amount of time, such as before the next holiday, consider the benefits of professional whitening treatment.

Veneers Can Provide Beautiful Enhancements

If you are concerned by either permanent or intrinsic staining, or even more complex issues such as inconsistencies in the shape or size of some of the teeth, then porcelain veneers make an excellent cosmetic treatment option.

Veneers are crafted from durable dental porcelain, in order to help hide imperfections and to create more symmetrical smiles. Plus, they are made to look natural, so the smile enhancements are beautiful, not artificial-looking.