Keep Your Smile Fresh and Clean in 2017!

Keep Your Smile Healthy in 2017Are you curious what steps must really be taken to help ensure your smile stays healthy in the coming new year? Wondering what you can do to keep your teeth strong and healthy and your breath fresh and clean? Luckily, preventive dental care is neither difficult nor time consuming. It just requires committing to caring for one’s teeth and gums, consistently, in order to prevent dental problems including cavities, gum disease, and other issues that could cause discomfort, infection, or even the need for extraction. If oral health is a priority for you, be sure to follow your general dentist’s advice, when it come sto properly caring for your smile!

Brush and Floss Daily

Most adults brush their teeth at least once a day. Many even do so twice a day, as recommend by their dentist. Unfortunately, the vast majority of adults in America admit to flossing only occasionally, if ever. Less than 30 percent actually floss daily.

The reason this is so problematic is because brushing alone can only remove food particles and bacteria from the surface of the teeth, gums and tongue (if a person remembers to brush his or her tongue). Toothbrush bristles cannot reach between teeth, where bacteria are prone to settle. Flossing can remove more of these bacteria, helping to drastically reduce the chance of unsightly and acidic tartar buildup, which is responsible for the development of cavities and gum disease.

Attend Regular Dental Cleanings

Of course, no amount of dental hygiene at-home is an adequate substitute for attending regular preventive checkups and cleanings. These appointments allow a dentist to check for any burgeoning issues, and also to remove calcified tartar buildup that is present. With regular visits it is generally possible to prevent dental problems, including cavities, that might require restorative dentistry.