How Can You Protect Your Smile While Pregnant?

Protect Your Smile During PregnancyWill you soon be having a baby? If so, you may already feel busy with doctor’s appointments, nesting, and other tasks that must be tackled before you bring your little bundle of joy home from the hospital. But what are you doing to make sure your smile stays healthy during your pregnancy? Have you even considered the impact pregnancy can have on your oral health? Sadly some moms-to-be wrongly believe dental care to be unnecessary and even dangerous during pregnancy, when the reality is quite different. Your smile likely needs more dental care, while you are pregnant, in order to protect against gum disease and the chronic inflammation it can create.

Did You Know You Might Ned More Frequent Visits During Pregnancy?

Many moms-to-be don’t realize that their smiles can be in jeopardy during their pregnancies due to fluctuations in hormones while pregnant. In fact, anytime a person is experiencing hormonal changes the gums can be particularly susceptible to problems.

Protect your smile by committing to daily hygiene, and also seeing the dentist during your pregnancy for a preventive cleaning and even periodontal treatment.

Most dentists and doctors agree that oral care is not only safe during pregnancy, it can actually be particularly necessary, to adequately prevent periodontitis, which can affect one’s oral health, and his or her overall wellbeing, as well.

In fact, many restorative treatments are safe for expectant moms, as well. Just be sure to let your dentist know you are pregnant prior to your visit, as a precautionary measure, and talk to your obstetrician if you have any concerns.