Enjoy Great Oral Health with These Simple Tips: Part One

Great Oral Health with These Simple TipsWondering how you can start the new year with a fantastic smile, and what you can and should be doing to protect your oral health moving forward? If you have suffered from cavities or gum disease in the past, then you might be particularly anxious to find out how you can better care for your teeth and gums in the coming year. Fortunately, enjoying great oral health doesn’t involve a lot of complicated procedures or even time-consuming measures. It just takes some smart choices, about caring for one’s smile!

Floss Regularly, Seriously

Brushing the teeth at least twice a day is an important step in caring for the smile. That said, brushing is no substitute for daily flossing. That’s because flossing is able to remove food particles and bacteria from in between the teeth, where bristles cannot effectively reach. The more bacteria are left behind, the more likely you are to struggle with visible plaque buildup, and subsequently cavities.

Unsure how to floss properly? Ask your dentist for a demonstration at your next dental visit. Or, check out one of the American Dental Association’s helpful instructional videos online.

Avoid Sugar

Many people have the so-called sweet tooth. Unfortunately, large consumptions of sugar can greatly increase one’s risk of developing cavities. What’s more, many items that aren’t even considered “sweet,” can still be surprisingly high in sugar. So, when you’re buying prepackaged foods and drinks, even those that might seem healthy, be sure to read the labels. Avoid those that list any form of sugar, including dextrose, molasses, honey, and other sweeteners, as one of the lead ingredients. Opt instead for nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables as often as possible, and supplement with whole grains, lean proteins and other nutritious, and low-sugar products.