Enjoy a Restored Smile with a Dental Crown

Enjoy a Restored SmileHave you spent several months feeling frustrated by discomfort or sensitivity? Tired of avoiding your favorite foods, desserts, or hot beverages, because you can’t enjoy them without pain? Many people postpone restorative dental treatment, either out of fear what their smiles will look like following treatment, or simply hoping that their smiles will improve on their own, with time. Unfortunately, though the teeth are strong, they are not able to repair themselves the way some parts of the body can. Therefore, given time, a dental issue is likely to worsen, not improve. Fortunately, modern dentistry makes it possible to improve a smile’s appearance and comfort, with restoration. So if you want to start enjoying your life again, without pesky dental discomfort getting in the way, stop waiting to see what happens. Instead, take time to speak with your restorative dentist about how he or she could help improve your comfort, and your confidence, with treatment to address your dental issue.

Address Tooth Damage Beautifully and Effectively

When addressing damage, speak to your dentist about your esthetic and functional goals for treatment. In many cases, a crown makes a wonderful option for restoration, because it helps to tightly seal teeth against exposure to foods and bacteria, that could eventually create an infection. Crowns are also versatile, in that they can be used to restore teeth damaged by severe decay, chips, cracks, or even after root canal treatment to address an infection.

Crowns also happen to be one of the most natural-looking, and even beautiful, forms of restorative dentistry. That is thanks to the ability to craft dental porcelain to resemble natural teeth, in shape, size and even sheen.

Enjoy Long-lasting Restoration

Plus, thanks to porcelain’s strength and relative stain resistance, crowns make long-lasting restorations as well, often protecting teeth fro more than a decade, with proper preventive care.