Complete Your Smile in 2017 with a Modern Dental Prostheses

Complete Your Smile in 2017Did you lose a tooth in 2016, or have you actually spent several months or years struggling with an incomplete smile? In fact, is it difficult to remember the last time that you enjoyed the confidence that comes from having a complete and beautiful smile? Many people don’t realize that there are actually functional and esthetic reasons to complete a smile after tooth loss or extraction. So if you have not yet completed your smile, it wise to consider the many reasons to do so, and the many benefits a dental prostheses could offer you.

Dentures Are Only One of the Options

Partial and full dentures are some of the most common ways of completing smiles after tooth loss. Full dentures, which complete an entire arch of the smile, can often be held in place with just the concave of the smile, while partial dentures are often temporarily secured through the use of denture adhesives. That said, it is possible to created added stability through the use of a dental bridge or dental implant.

Dental Bridges Offer Added Security

Dental bridges are another fast way of addressing tooth loss, yet they provide more security than unsupported dentures. That is because bridges use dental crowns to help hold replacement teeth firmly in place. By attaching crowns to teeth adjacent to the gap, a sturdy prostheses can be created.

Implants Are Even More Stable

Of course, for patients looking for the utmost stability and permanence, dental implants are generally the best option. That is because only implants are created using a titanium post to help mimic the role of a healthy tooth root, which holds teeth in place firmly.