Avoid Cavities This Year with Proper Preventive Care

Avoid Cavities This YearDid you spend much of 2016 suffering from heightened sensitivity or discomfort, due to an undiagnosed dental problem? Many people suffer with cavities. In fact, some studies indicate that nearly 90 percent of adults will struggle with dental decay. Fortunately, you don’t have to be one of them, and you certainly don’t have to spend 2017 dealing with dental cavities, so long as you take proper preventive action to protect your smile, that is. If you really want to enjoy good oral health in the new year, just make sure you are heeding your dentist’s advice, about how to best prevent problems for both your teeth and your gums!

Dental Hygiene Can Help Protect Your Smile

Daily dental hygiene is one important way to protect your smile. This should include twice daily toothbrushing, which most adults to commit to, but it should also include flossing, which many people neglect. When you skip flossing, though, you allow bacteria to remain trapped in the small crevice between teeth, where it can lead to acidic plaque buildup, the kind that causes cavities.

To better protect your teeth in 2017, make flossing part of your daily routine, if it isn’t already.

Regular Preventive Visits Are Also Crucial

Of course, no amount of dental hygiene at-home is an adequate substitute for routine dental visits. Professional checkups and cleanings are also essential to good oral health. Most people should see the dentist at least once every six months for preventive care. However, if you are someone prone to erosion, you may actually need to visit more frequently in order to properly protect your teeth from cavities.