Interested In $100 Off Of Dental Crowns?

stephen-gatewood-auburn-crownWhen a tooth becomes damaged, or if one develops decay or infection, then we may recommend a dental restoration. Using a crown, we can return to the tooth to full function and appearance, often in the same visit. Right now, we’re once again offering $100 of your portion of crown placement.

Back By Popular Demand!

From now until November 30th you can receive $100 off your portion of a crown placement, whether you need one or several. This special can help you achieve a healthier smile without breaking your budget. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment. Remember, we have early morning and evening appointments available.

CEREC Crowns

With CEREC, we use CAD/CAM technology to design and fabricate a crown in a single visit. The restoration will be made for solid ceramic, a lifelike and stain-resistant material that can withstand serious bite forces. The process begins with preparation. We remove a small amount of structure and then take digital impressions. Using these images, we create a 3D model and upload it unto the CREC machine, which then mills the restoration from ceramic. We check the fit and make any necessary adjustments before placing.

What Issues can They Address?

We can use them to repair broken, chipped, or even fractured teeth. They can address serious tooth decay, as well as infected or abscessed teeth. We can employ them to anchor dental bridges in place or restore dental implants. Finally, they can address issues with the shape and shade of the tooth, completely transforming the tooth’s appearance. If you have any questions about CEREC technology, or bout our special, then please contact our office today.