Got Questions? Your Dentist Can Help!

Got Questions? Talk to Your General DentistDo you ever wonder about your smile’s health, and what is really required to prolong it? Have you long had questions about dental health or general dentistry, but were simply too scared, or even embarrassed, to ask your dentist? Understanding what affects your oral health is one of the best ways to protect your teeth and gums against common threats, including cavities, gum disease, and other damage that can be done. So don’t feel embarrassed that you have questions. Instead, take time to seek answers that can help in your quest to enjoy a long life of great oral health.

How can cavities be avoided?

Are you curious how to better protect your teeth against cavities? This is a particularly large concern for many patients that have already struggled with dental decay in the past. A healthy diet, diligent daily dental hygiene, and routine preventive dental visits can all help a person protect his or her teeth against cavities.

Combined, they are also the very best way to preserve one’s overall oral health!

Why do my teeth feel sensitive?

While some sensitivity is common when enjoying particularly hot or cold beverages, if you have noticed your teeth feeling more sensitive lately, or they feel sensitive all the time, not just during meals, that could be due to dental decay. In fact, cavities are common causes of both heightened dental sensitivity, and eventually discomfort or outright pain.

In general, any changes in the smile are good indications that it is time to schedule a dental visit. This is particularly true, though, if you are already overdue for a preventive checkup and cleaning.