Do You Need a Dental Cleaning?

Do You Need a Dental Cleaning?When was the last time you saw your family dentist? Was it when phones still had cords attached to the wall, or internet connections required dial-up service? Technology changes fast; yet a healthy smile never goes out of style! To help protect your teeth and gums from common dental problems, like cavities and even gum disease, not to mention to help keep your smile looking its best, it is important to take proper care of your smile. Fortunately, routine preventive appointments are a fast and effective way to do just that.

Why Regular Checkups and Cleanings Are Important

Many people don’t realize that every mouth is filled with plaque bacteria, which feed on sugars and other simple starches. Over time, these bacteria can then begin to cause acidity, that can lead to enamel erosion, bad breath, and contribute to inflammation and eventually infection of the gums, as well.

Once this bacteria has hardened onto the surface of one’s teeth, it is known as tartar buildup, and it can only be removed through a professional cleaning. This is why dentists strongly urge patients to schedule routine preventive visits, including checkups and cleanings. The sooner tartar is removed, the less likely a patient is to struggle with cavities, gingivitis, and the other oral health threats that can be caused by plaque buildup.

Don’t Ignore Any Dental Symptoms

Of course, it is also important to remember that teeth lack the ability to repair themselves in the way the skin can, for instance. This is why checkups are so essential to protecting one’s oral health. If a tooth has become damaged or compromised, either due to acidic erosion, injury, or some other trauma, restorative treatment will likely be necessary.

Preventive appointments help dentists catch burgeoning issues before they have had time to progress to requiring extensive restorative treatment.