Can You Protect Your Smile From Cavities?

Can You Prevent Dental Cavities?Do you ever wonder if there is more you could, or even should, be doing in order to protect your smile from cavities? In fact, would you be happy to take a few extra steps in your smile care routine, if you knew they would be able to help you better prevent dental problems, and even to prolong the beauty of your smile? While cavities can often be treated quickly, and even beautifully, with tooth-colored dental fillings, it is even better to prevent them in the first place.

Drinking Water Can Help Protect Your Smile

Did you know that in addition to eating a healthy diet, drinking water each day can also aid in your quest for oral health? In fact, your body and brain aren’t the only parts of your being that rely on water to properly function. You should also be drinking plenty of water, in order to protect your smile!

So, rather than reaching for sodas, juices, and other sweetened beverages (which can be particularly troublesome since they are often both acidic and high in sugar), it is healthy to reach for water, which is great for your dental health! In fact, drinking water after each meal can help gently rinse many food particles from the surface of the teeth, helping to keep them cleaner in between brushings.

Routine Dental Visits Are Also Essential

Another important way to protect your smile is by scheduling routine dental checkups and cleanings, to help remove any tartar that has developed. These dental visits also give your dentist a chance to carefully check for any burgeoning issues, such as cavities, and to treat them accordingly. Without routine preventive visits, you are far more likely to require restorative dental treatment, at some point in the future.