Can You Enjoy Good Oral Health This Holiday Season?

Healthy Smile This Holiday Season?Are you wondering what you should be doing to take care of your smile this holiday season? During the busy months of holiday gatherings, work parties and Christmas preparations, it can be all too easy to overlook a dental hygiene routine, a healthy diet, and other habits that help to protect one’s dental health. Fortunately, preventive dental care does not have to be difficult, or even time consuming. It simply requires dedication to caring for one’s teeth and gums, even during the year’s busiest, merriest season.

Watch What You Eat and Avoid Too Much Sugar, Caffeine and Alcohol

Eating healthy foods, like nutrient rich vegetables and fruits, is helpful to protecting both your body and your oral health. That said, equally important to eating healthy foods is avoiding those foods and beverages that can be detrimental to oral health. This includes sugar, which bacteria feeds on, as well as caffeine and alcohol, which can be fine in moderation, but which can contribute to dehydration and dry mouth.

Don’t Skip Dental Hygiene

Of course, a healthy diet is no substitute for dental hygiene. Daily tooth brushing and flossing are recommended by preventive dentists, because they can help remove food particles and bacteria from the mouth.

Even during busy seasons, it is important to make time for twice daily brushing and flossing at least once a day.

Schedule Checkups and Cleanings

Regular preventive dental visits are also essential to good oral health. That is because only professional cleanings can remove calcified tartar buildup. Plus, checkups allow a dentist to check for burgeoning issues, like cavities, when they are still only beginning to develop.

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