Ready to Explore Your Prosthetic Dentistry Options?

Ready to Explore Prosthetic DentistryDo you worry about your smile’s function, because of an uncomfortable dental prostheses? Have you grown embarrassed by an ill-fitting or obvious denture? If so, have you considered the ways a prosthetic dentist could help you update and complete your smile? Dentists now offer a variety of ways to complete a smile after tooth loss or extraction, including both partial and full dentures, but also dental bridges and dental implants, which provide even more security.

Why Is Smile Completion So Important?

Many people don’t realize that dental prostheses serve more than just esthetic functions. They are also important ways to help preserve the teeth’s alignment. By completing a smile after tooth loss or extraction, a prostheses helps to prevent remaining teeth from trying to shift to fill the created gap, which can cause problems for the function and appearance of the smile.

Another benefit of completing the smile is that it allows patients to chew more confidently, leading to less of a struggle to maintain proper nutrition.

Can You Enjoy a Secure and Stable Restoration?

If you are looking for a stable way to complete your smile, you may want to speak with your dentist about the benefits of choosing either a dental bridge or a dental implant. Dental bridges work to hold a replacement tooth securely in place, by relying on crowns affixed to the remaining teeth. These create a bridge to help fill the gap created by the tooth loss.

Dental implants provide even more security through the use of a titanium base that is surgically inserted into the jaw, in order to provide permanent replacement for a healthy tooth root, and a firm base on which to secure a replacement tooth.