Make Sure You Make Time to See the Family Dentist

Make Time for Preventive DentistryWhen was the last time that you saw your preventive dentist? Did you have a different hairstyle or even a different last name? If it has been more than six months, much less several years, since your last dental checkup, you are already long overdue for dental care. Many people don’t realize the importance of preventive visits in protecting their smiles. Unfortunately, this is why so many people in American struggle with cavities, gum disease and other (often devastating) dental issues that are actually largely preventable through proper care. If you want to avoid problems, and protect your smile, it is important to schedule routine dental checkups and cleanings, for yourself, and for your whole family!

How Often Should You Be Visiting the Dentist?

When it comes to checkups, most dentists recommend that children and adults, alike, visit the dentist for a routine checkup and cleaning, at least twice a year. This is only a general guideline, though. It is important to learn about your own kids’ specific oral health needs. For instance, some children are genetically predisposed to suffering from cavities, due to weak tooth enamel. Others may be at risk for dental problems due to poor or inconsistent diet (picky eater on your hands, the meal supplement shakes you may be providing could be chocked full of cavity-causing sugar). Finally, children who are especially active, particularly those involved in full-contact sports, are more likely to chip or otherwise damage their teeth, in which case a prompt dental visit is in order to determine the degree of the damage, and whether any restorative measures are needed.