Is Your Smile In Need of An Update?

Smile Need an Update Through Dental Service?Are you embarrassed by the appearance of your smile? There are actually a number of issues that can cause dental insecurity! Staining is a common one, but so are outdated (or obvious) dental restorations, chipped teeth and other issues that can be both functionally problematic and cosmetically concerning, as well. Fortunately, if you have decided to stop settling for an imperfect smile, speaking with a dentist can help. Whether through cosmetic or restorative treatment, you might be pleasantly surprised how effectively and often quickly a dentist could finally help provide you with a more confidence-inducing smile!

Could Cosmetic Dentistry Approve Your Smile’s Appearance?

In the case of staining, professional teeth whitening is often the obvious choice. However, there are actually a number of cosmetic treatment options which can help address a wide variety of issues, including staining or general discoloration, but also issues related to the size or shape of some of your teeth, or in some cases, even minor spacing problems!

Talk to your dentist about your concerns, your budget, your timeframe for treatment and your lifestyle, to decide which option is best for you.

Do You Actually Require Restorative Treatment?

In some cases, patients are surprised to learn that restorative treatment can actually provide a long-lasting improvement, both functionally and cosmetically as well. For instance, porcelain crowns create natural-looking restorations that also defend against further erosion, damage, or even infection. Plus, because porcelain is naturally stain resistant the results can last years without showing aging.

Dental fillings can also be created to offer seamless protection against decay, through the use of a tooth-colored material called composite resin.