Is Your Smile In Need of a Dental Crown?

Does Your Smile Need a Dental Crown?Did you recently suffer an accident that left one or even several of your teeth visibly damaged? Perhaps you aren’t sure whether your teeth were affected by the accident, but worry that there could be intrinsic damage threatening your smile. Or, are you one of the many Americans struggling with a dental cavity, and unsure how to go about restoring your comfort and your confidence? Many people postpone dental visits because they are not sure what their smile will look or feel like after treatment. Fortunately, it is possible to bounce back from many dental issues comfortably and cosmetically. In fact, crowns are just one of the effective and esthetically-pleasing ways a dentist can help to restore a smile.

Are you Suffering from Discomfort?

One of the most common symptoms of a variety of dental problems is discomfort, or even heightened sensitivity. These are often indicators that the outer layer of tooth enamel has been damaged, often to the point that the more sensitive layer beneath the enamel, the dentin, has become exposed.

While cavities are the most common cause of dental problems, accident and injury can also leave to tooth damage. Of course, even eating can sometimes cause chips or cracks, particularly if the teeth are weak, or a person is chewing on hard items such as ice, hard candies, or even pencils.

Subconscious teeth grinding, known as bruxism, can also contribute to dental problems, including sensitivity.

How Can Restorative Dentistry Help You?

A dental crown is often the recommended way to treat dental problems. That is because crowns can be created to look natural, while still offering effective protection against further erosion or worsening of chips and cracks, by bearing the brunt of one’s chewing.