Is It Time to Update to a Dental Implant?

Time to Update Your Dental ProstheticIf you lost a tooth, or even multiple teeth, several years ago, you likely already have some form of dental prostheses serving to complete your smile. Dentures, both partial and full, remain one of the most common ways of addressing adult tooth loss, because they are affordable and can be completed quickly. However, over time, some patients become unhappy with the fit of their dentures, the appearance of them, or even the insecurity they might feel due to shifting of their dentures when they speak or chew. For these patients, it might be time to discuss the option of upgrading to a dental implant, in order to enjoy the many added securities they afford a person!

Are You Unhappy with Unsupported Dentures?

Many people don’t realize that when a tooth is extracted, or falls out, the smile is now void of not only a healthy tooth, but a healthy tooth root as well. While the tooth is what completes the smile cosmetically and allows for great chewing, it is the root that helps hold the tooth firmly in place, creating stability and comfort.

Unsupported dentures serve only to replace the missing tooth, leaving the support role the root would play to either temporary adhesives or simply the concaves of the mouth. Dental implants, on the other hand, use a special biocompatible mechanism surgically inserted into the jaw, to mimic the role of a tooth root, in that it serves as both a secure post on which a replacement tooth can be secured, and it actually helps supply nutrients to the jaw as well.

Is Your Prostheses Less Secure Than You Would Like?

If you are ready to consider updating your prostheses, or particularly interested in the benefits of dental implants, schedule a consultation with your prosthetic dentist to see if this is a viable option for you.