Fun and Healthy Alternatives to Traditional Halloween Treats

Consider These Healthier Halloween Treat AlternativesHalloween is just around the corner, now, which means you will likely soon be visited by ghosts, goblins, and kids in other cute and scary costumes, all hoping to fill their bags and pumpkin buckets with candy and other loot. But before your young guests arrive looking for Halloween treats, why not stock up on smile-friendly alternatives to traditional Halloween candy? Sure, most every kid loves chocolate, gum, and other sugary treats, but that doesn’t mean they’ll be disappointed to find more general dentist-approved alternatives. In fact, they might just be pleasantly surprised to receive something that isn’t laden with sugar, and their parents will most likely be grateful, as well!

Don’t Opt for Candy Which Can Lead to Cavities

Sweet treats, including candy, can be particularly problematic for teeth, because sugar allows the plaque bacteria in the mouth to develop, eventually creating acidity that can lead to enamel erosion, requiring restorative treatment like tooth fillings. If you want to help protect your young trick-or-treaters’ smiles, why not opt for healthier options than super sweet candies?

Some alternatives include:

    • Single serving bags of crackers or pretzels
    • Applesauce (look for no added sugar varieties)
    • Granola bars that aren’t filled with added sugar or too chewy, since chewy foods can cling to the surface of teeth, causing dental problems
    • Small water bottles are also welcome additions to most trick-or-treaters’ bags

Consider Non-food Alternatives, Too!

Of course, non-food items are often welcome alternatives to candy, as well, particularly if you focus on finding age appropriate treats that fit the holiday theme.

For instance:

  • Plastic spider rings, or other spooky-inspired jewelry items
  • Glow-in-the-dark stickers, bracelets, etc.
  • Small toys, including puzzles, bouncing balls, etc.
  • Temporary tattoos, especially those that are holiday-themed