Consider Bonding and Contouring for Improving Your Smile

Do You Want Cosmetic Bonding/Contouring?Do you frequently feel embarrassed by imperfections with your teeth? Are you tired of dreaming of a better-looking smile, or even wishing your smile looked differently? If so, it is time to consider the ways a dentist could help improve your smile through cosmetic treatment. In fact, you might be pleasantly surprised by the many fast and affordable ways a cosmetic dentist can address your smile’s various imperfections, enhance its natural beauty, and ultimately improve your confidence, as well. Cosmetic bonding and contouring are two of the most affordable options for treatment!

When is Bonding or Contouring a Great option for Smile Enhancements?

Teeth whitening is a fast solution when staining is the only cause for concern, but when there are other esthetic issues, as well, the dentist may recommend either porcelain veneers or cosmetic bonding or contouring. Both options are affordable and fast ways to correct a smile. However, they do come with their limitations.

Bonding relies on the same composite resin material used for many modern dental fillings, to hide imperfections. This resin is strong, but not as stain resistant as veneers, making it a poor choice for tobacco users, and those that drink great deals of coffee, tea, soda and other staining beverages.

Contouring is another fast treatment option, which can help improve the symmetry of the smile. Like bonding it is fast and affordable, however contouring is designed specifically to help remove portions of the teeth that are overly large, jagged, or even, in some cases, overlapping.