Are You Looking for a Dental Prostheses?

Dental Prosthetic Options to ChooseDo you remember the joy you experienced when you lost your first tooth, as a kid? You probably excitedly told your parents about your discovery. You may have even hurried the loss along, by wiggling a loose tooth, until at last it fell out, noting a huge rite of passage for many children. Now think about how you felt the first time you lost a tooth, as an adult. Chances are, the emotions you experienced were markedly different. Many adults experience embarrassment, insecurity, and even frustration at tooth loss. They may also have a number of questions related to the tooth loss, such as how their smiles will function and will more teeth be lost. If you have recently lost a tooth, there is hope for your smile, in the form of dental prostheses. By weighing the prosthetic options with your dentist, it is possible to choose a form of smile completion that will allow your smile to function properly, and to look beautiful, once again!

Did You Recently Lose a Tooth?

It is important to remember that prompt completion of a smile after tooth loss or extraction is helpful in several ways, beyond just the appearance of the smile. For instance, replacing a missing tooth can help prevent remaining teeth from trying to shift to fill the created gap. Depending on what prostheses you choose, you might even be able to help replace a missing tooth root, allowing the jaw to continue receiving nutrients as it does when healthy tooth roots are present.

Are You Unhappy with Your Existing Prostheses?

Another reason to explore the current dental prostheses available, including dental bridges and dental implants, which are designed to create more security than unsupported dentures, is if you have grown unhappy with an existing prostheses.

If your dentures don’t look or feel as natural as you would like, speak with your dentist about how a dental bridge or implant could help improve the function and appearance of your smile!