Are You In Need of Restorative Dentistry?

Restorative Dental Treatment Can Help YouHave you experienced a great deal of sensitivity lately, when trying to enjoy your favorite hot beverages or even ice cold treats? Sensitivity can actually be an early warning sign of a cavity. Chips, cracks, and other visible damage can also be indications that restorative dentistry is necessary, but these are not the only indicators that your smile might be in need of restoration. If you have noticed changes in your smile, from discoloration to visible wear, or if you have recently suffered trauma to your smile, or experienced another dental dilemma, you could be in need of restorative dentistry.

Have You Noticed Changes In Your Smile Recently?

One of the simplest ways to detect dental problems, quickly, is by paying attention to changes in your smile, whether that be visible discoloration, such as white patches or grey or black lines, heightened sensitivity or even discomfort.

Of course, if you suffer trauma to your smile you should also schedule a dental visit. That is because in some cases intrinsic damage can be caused, even when there are no visible warning signs. In these cases, a dentist may require an x-ray to determine if external damage has occurred, and if so to what extent.

Tired of Pesky Sensitivity or Discomfort?

If you are diagnosed with a dental issue, such as a cavity, a chip, crack, or even jagged edges caused by wear, the dentist may recommend restorative dentistry. For instance, a cavity is often treated through the use of a dental filling, and damaged teeth can often be saved through the use of a dental crown. When teeth become infected, root canal treatment may be necessary.