Why Sugar Can Be Bad News for Your Smile

shutterstock_283206281Sugar is seemingly everywhere, these days, and often in unexpected places or packages. From obvious treats, like ice cream and cookies, to canned soups and bacon, you might be shocked just how many of your favorite grocery store staples are filled with added sugar? Unfortunately, sugar is also one of the leading causes of dental problems, because it is what the bacteria in your mouth feed on, along with simple starches, which can easily be broken down into sugar. If you want to protect your smile against cavities and other oral health threats, it is wise to limit how much sugar you’re consuming on a daily basis.

Avoid Cavities with a Healthy Diet and Preventive Care

Many people think of dental hygiene as their first line of defense against dental issues, and while brushing and flossing are important, a healthy diet is another key to avoiding cavities and other problems that might require restorative treatment.

By limiting how much sugar you consume on a daily basis, you can help reduce the likelihood that you will struggle with cavities. One of the easiest ways to do this, is by swapping out pre-packaged goods like chips, crackers, and cookies, with fresh fruits and vegetables. While these fresh foods still contain natural sugars, they also are filled with nutrients your body needs, and high water content, both of which are beneficial to the smile. Plus, they are more likely to fill you up than less nutrient foods.

Combine healthy foods with lots of water for extra protection, and a healthy smile. Water helps you produce saliva, which actually limits plaque bacteria’s ability to stick to your teeth. So fill up on water, as often as possible, rather than sugary and acidic beverages, which can lead to a host of dental problems.