What Can a Dental Crown Do to Restore Your Smile?

Restorative Dentistry for Your SmileHas it been months, now, since you were able to enjoy an ice cream cone without wincing in pain? Is even your daily coffee break, at work, now being interrupted by dental discomfort? If so, are you ready to do something about it? If you have delayed dental treatment for fear of what your smile will look like following restoration, it is time to take a deep sigh of relief. That is because many modern restorative options available that can create functional and cosmetic benefits. In fact, a porcelain dental crown is one beautiful way that your smile can be restored following a cavity or other dental trauma.

Are You Struggling with a Damaged Tooth?

Whether your tooth has been compromised by acidic erosion or trauma, such as an athletic accident, car wreck or work injury, a dental crown can likely help. In fact, crowns are frequently recommended for dealing with many issues, including chips, cracks, fractures and excessive wear. Crowns can also be used after root canal treatment to help seal a tooth against reinfection.

Fortunately, modern dental crowns can be made of porcelain, which is prized for its ability to create seamless restorations (and cosmetic enhancements as well).

Would You Like a More Seamless Restoration?

Another use for modern dental crowns is to replace and update outdated or ill-fitting restorations or even prostheses. For many patients that received fillings or crowns numerous years ago, they may discover that they have grown insecure because of their look, or even experience problems with them.

Modern fillings can help update these restorations to improve a patient’s comfort and his or her confidence.