Is Invisalign Treatment Right for You?

Invisalign Treatment Could Help You!As an adult, do you often find yourself wishing you had worn braces as a teenager, because you are unhappy with the misalignment of your teeth? Whether due to an underbite, overbite, or even spacing issues between the teeth, themselves, misalignment can lead to insecurity when smiling, but it can also contribute to jaw pain and discomfort, caused by teeth that do not work together properly. Fortunately, traditional braces are no longer the only way to improve teeth’s alignment. Invisalign treatment is a more discreet way to help realign the teeth, leading to a more beautiful and often better-functioning smile!

How Does Invisalign Work?

Like traditional braces, which require the use of metal which can easily be spotted, but that can also irritate sensitive gum tissues, Invisialign works to slowly shift the teeth into better alignment over time. However, unlike traditional methods of orthodontia, Invisalign cosmetic treatment relies on a series of clear plastic trays created from BPA-free plastic, in order to move the teeth gradually.

Because there is no metal, patients that choose Invisalign treatment enjoy a number of benefits, such as:

  • More discreet treatment, with less embarrassment and often less discomfort
  • No worry about metal scratching their gums or tongue
  • The trays can actually be removed during eating and hygiene, allowing for better preventive care and more comfort while chewing
  • Plus, patients will never get broccoli or popcorn stuck in their braces
  • Since the trays can easily be changed out, Invisalign generally requires fewer trips to the dentist than traditional braces, helping to save both time and money in treatment