Get Picture Ready with Porcelain Veneers

A Picture Perfect Smile with Porcelain VeneersDo you have a great photo op coming up soon? Whether it’s picture day at your school or work, a wedding you’ll soon attend, or even just the need for an updated selfie for your profile, don’t you want to have a smile that is ready for showcasing? Many people are pleased to learn that a variety of cosmetic concerns can actually be addressed with a single cosmetic treatment, namely porcelain veneers. In fact, veneers are made to create comprehensive improvements and lasting enhancements. So if your smile is ready for an upgrade, it’s time to consider how porcelain veneers could help get you picture ready!

Address a Host of Cosmetic Concerns with a Single Treatment

Few cosmetic treatments can create as dynamic of results as porcelain veneers. That is because veneers can be used to address a host of concerns, quickly and effectively. What all can veneers do for your smile? They can:

  • Hide permanent staining or intrinsic discoloration, that even professional teeth whitening will not be able to address
  • Correct disproportionately small teeth, or those that seem misshapen compared to the rest of the smile
  • Hide minor gaps between the teeth, that pose only cosmetic problems (orthodontic treatment is required to treat alignment issues that are causing functional issues, or discomfort)

Enjoy Long-lasting Enhancements Thanks to Porcelain’s Strength

Another benefit of choosing veneers as your form of cosmetic dentistry is that they are designed to create long-lasting results, thanks to porcelain’s natural strength and its high level of stain resistance. In fact, dental porcelain is similar to natural tooth enamel, which is one of the strongest substances on earth.