Do You Actually Need Beautiful Restorative Treatment?

Do You Actually Need Restorative Treatment?In many cases it is cosmetic concerns that actually cause people to realize their smiles are in need of treatment, whether routine preventive care like a professional cleaning or more extensive restorative treatment. It is important to note, though, that your dentist will need to determine the cause of your concern before determining the appropriate treatment. For instance, while jagged edges could be a purely cosmetic issue, they could also be indication of intrinsic damage that might require restorative treatment, such as a porcelain crown. Crowns could improve the function and appearance of the smile, whereas cosmetic treatment is solely designed to address esthetic issues. Discoloration is another common issue, and one that could mean it is time for whitening treatment, or it could mean that it is time for a professional cleaning to remove yellow plaque buildup, and possibly time for restorative treatment for a cavity, as well.

When Is Restoration the Answer?

A dental appointment is the best way to determine the causes for your concern, as well as the best way to go about addressing the issue, whether that means cosmetic treatment or restorative action is required. In some cases, dental x-rays may be required to determine the extent of the damage, such as whether or not noticeable wear is purely cosmetic, or indication of teeth grinding or other severe wear that might require restoration.

Keep in mind that maintaining a healthy smile is important to both the function and the appearance of your teeth and gums.

To protect your smiles beauty and your oral health, be sure to attend routine checkups and cleanings. These appointments are essential to preventing dental problems like cavities, for instance.