3 Benefits of Dental Implants

Three Benefits of Dental ImplantsWhether you have recently lost a tooth, been struggling with an incomplete smile for years, or think it is time to update an outdated and ill-fitting denture, now is a great time to discuss the unique benefits of dental implants with your restorative dentist. Dental implants are considered one of the most permanent and stable forms of prostheses on the market, and they make for confidence-inducing restorations because of both their stability and their esthetic appeal.

1.    Dental implants are anchored by permanent posts.

Implants are the only form of dental prostheses that are anchored through the placement of a titanium post, which is permanently and securely inserted into the jawline. These posts are actually designed to last a lifetime, and they are also biocompatible, which means that the soft tissue can grow right around the post, after placement, creating a stable base for a replacement tooth.

2.    They provide nutrients to the jaw, so it maintains its structure.

The post used to anchor the replacement tooth serves another important function, as well, and that is to supply the jaw with nutrients as a person chews. Without nutrients, the jaw can begin to shrink over time, causing changes to the remaining teeth’s alignment, and also to the general facial structure. Dental implants can help to prevent this, and can be especially important in the case of several lost teeth.

3. Implants create beautiful restorations.

Because dental implants can be used with porcelain crowns, dentures or other forms of prostheses, they allow for beautiful and natural-looking restorations, that can function superbly, thanks to the security provided by the titanium post.