Worried About Dental Treatment? Ask About Seamless Smile Solutions

Do you suspect you have a cavity? Are you scared about what restorative treatment will entail? Or, if you have had a filling in the past, are you bothered by the noticeable metal filling that now detracts from the natural beauty of your smile? If so, it’s time to schedule an appointment with a restorative dentist. Modern restorative dentistry provides more seamless smile solutions, that can still protect teeth from further damage, without taking an esthetic toll on your smile. That way you can smile proudly and comfortably, even after a cavity or other dental issue.

If You Need a Filling, Consider Composite Resin

Fillings are often the recommended form of smile restoration after a cavity. Particularly if the cavity is caught early, a tooth filling is often sufficient and simple for restoring the oral health. First the dentist will thoroughly clean and sanitize the tooth, while also checking for a potential infection. Then a filling can be applied to help protect the tooth from any further decay, or worse damage.

In the past, fillings were primarily made of metal amalgam. But now many patients and dentists, alike, prefer the look and comfort provided by a tooth-colored alternative. Composite resin bonds well with the teeth, creating a tight seal against infection-causing bacteria. But it can also be shaded and sculpted to blend nearly seamlessly with the smile, creating a restoration that will not be noticeable much less unattractive.

This can help restore a person’s confidence in his or her smile, while also protecting the damaged tooth! So if you know you need restorative treatment, talk to your dentist about the benefits of choosing a tooth-colored filling.

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