What Restorative Treatment Does Your Smile Need?

Man Smiling outsideDid you know that dental problems are incredibly common? Almost 90 percent of adults will experience cavities, in their lifetimes. Many people will also struggle with chips, infection, and other oral health threats, as well. While most of these problems can be prevented with thorough dental hygiene and routine checkups and cleanings, if you do find yourself struggling with a dental issue, restorative dentistry can help. It is important to seek treatment quickly, though, if you want to help save your damaged tooth and improve the look and feel of your smile!

Suffering from a Cavity? A Filling Could Help

Cavities are the most common dental health threat, by far. Fortunately, treatment for cavities is often quite simple. Dental fillings are minimally invasive, yet they can often help protect teeth made fragile by decay.

Fillings help seal the tooth against food particles and bacteria, which could lead to further erosion or even an infection. In many cases, modern dental fillings are even made of a composite resin material that allows for more seamless restorations than metal, so patients can smile confidently and comfortably.

Painful Infection? Root Canal Might Be Necessary

If you are currently suffering from a painful infection, root canal treatment could be the ideal solution. While root canal treatment is more invasive than many other forms of dentistry, it is often necessary when a tooth has become infected.

Root canal therapy or treatment is used to help rid a tooth of any infected portions. By then sealing the tooth, often with a dental crown, it is possible to prevent reinfection as well as the chance of the infection spreading to other parts of the smile.

Chip, Crack or Other Result of Trauma? A Crown Could Be the Answer

In the case of many dental traumas, a crown is an effective solution. That is because dental crowns can help to protect fragile teeth against further wear or trauma. Crowns can be made of metal, porcelain, zirconia or a combination of them, all of which help to effectively protect teeth.

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