What Causes TMJ Headaches?

If your tooth hurts, then chances are you should have your tooth checked to determine what’s wrong with it. Unfortunately, resolving an issue behind a persistent headache is not typically so simple. Chronic aches and pains, especially those in the head, neck, jaw, and shoulder regions, can indicate a wide range of possible issues, and determining the underlying cause is critical to treating your chronic symptoms. In many cases, damage to your jaw joints, commonly known as TMJ disorder, can be the cause of your chronic headaches, and seeking treatment at your dentist’s office may be the best option for finding relief.

TMJ Troubles

Your temporomandibular joints, more commonly called TMJs, refer to the large joints in front of each ear that connect your lower jaw to your skull. Along with the muscles that surround them, these joints are responsible for the movement necessary for your mouth to perform its function. Common issues that can damage these joints and lead to often-excruciating discomfort include, but are not limited to:

  • Arthritis—When you think of joint troubles, you may think of arthritis. You may not, however, naturally connect arthritis with pain in your jaw, but the truth is that arthritis in your jaw’s joints is a common cause for TMJ disorder. The condition can arise from constant, habitual teeth grinding, an injury, or other persistent, undue stress on the jaw joints.
  • Dislocated disk—When the disk that should be located between your jawbone and its socket is dislocated, you may hear a clicking and/or popping sound whenever you open and close your mouth. You may also feel waves of discomfort from the dislocated disk when moving your jaw, as well as limited jaw movement.
  • Perforated disk—The same disk that should buffer your jawbone within its joint can also develop a hole, which often results in a grating sound that accompanies the discomfort of jaw movement.

If TMJ disorder is the cause of your headaches and jaw pain, then your dentist will determine of the cause of the condition to develop an appropriate treatment and help you finally find lasting relief.

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